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Are you seeking Tustin, California swingers personal ads?
Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   To BareBack it Or NoT  

7/29/2013 15:08
Posted By:  - TUSTIN, CA  
Date Posted: 7/29/2013 15:08
   Afternoon lifestyle loungers..good to see some familiar faces/asses and other enticing body parts

First off I am a sucker for a BIG Ass (love my latinas) this is relevant because recently i had the pleasure of meet a couple the same day we started talking, I  usually like to skype/ovoo or something of that sort to video chat verify but "this" I could NOT say no to. Went over to their hotel, where she awaited in a full "fishnet" outfit? i will call it that lol well as the husband sat in the corner with his liquor, her and i started playing.....after an hour or so I began to notice her grabbing on the base of my shaft an slowly pulling away and pulling out the rubber.  I caught her a couple of times and slid it back down and whispered to her "next time" "this time you have something to look forward to next time" all while thinking to myself OK what do we do here. I playfully turned to the husband and said "hmm you have yourself a wild one here she is trying to pull out the glove" somewhat expecting him say something against it  he simply replied with "we are clean bro...if she wants to" ...i teased her a couple of times...teasing her clit etc with my dick and at one time she had my cock between her ass cheeks doggy trying to slip it it....i pulled away...and said "believe me id love to but this way i last Longer, you would probably make me cum in a heartbeat"
Anyways it was a fun encounter ..just curious to hear some input   

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