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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Playing with kids at home  

8/12/2013 16:33
Posted By:  - GRAYSLAKE, IL  
Date Posted: 8/12/2013 16:33
     Is this really taboo around here? 
In my experience we have never had an issue playing with another couple whose young kids (4 years and under) were upstairs sleeping.  Most of our experiences have occurred with good friends who have kids around our age so I guess I might be a bit jaded by that fact? However, I've seen a lot of couples answer the question, "Will you play with kids sleeping upstairs?" with answers like, "No way, I don't want DCFS involved!"  As a former DCFS case manager I can assure you that as long as you aren't involving the kids in any way that this would be the least of our worries, we had bigger fish to fry. 
So, do you play with young kids home? If you don't do you get a hotel room, etc? 
Just curious........

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