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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Divorce in the lifestyle  

9/8/2013 05:12
Posted By:  - AUSTIN, TX  
Date Posted: 9/8/2013 05:12
   For a very long time we haven't experienced anyone break up that we've met, but our world was rocked last night when our best LL friends (thumbnail pic) hit us with the news of a filed divorce and last year when another couple we love did the same. At the core... working too hard and being gone a lot is the problem, but swinging is getting cited a little in both cases. One where they swung more than they were alone together and the other where one says swinging made them feel inadequate to the husband.

Last night Mrs. Take and I just stayed up talking about it. If swinging is a bad influence on our marriage or not, we don't think so, we don't think it was for our friends either, but we aren't there for all of it. We think swinging is a fringe issue.

Swinging is getting blamed a little too much when the chips are down, because when I'm with these couples everyone is happy and in love. It just gets us thinking, we feel kind of like witnesses to the good times when people start saying they didn't like it later. What about this trip, that weekend, these texts, etc. Not taking sides but also not liking to hear things that don't ring true.

So divorce and swinging? Do couples in bitter divorces dredge up the past trips and parties to show they were equal participants? Pitfall of having close lifestyle friendships? Anything else?

Bottom line for me in so many of these observations is work less be home more. Family first.

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