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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Have you ever met someone who lied about their age?  

10/21/2013 13:52
Posted By:  - LOS ANGELES, CA  
Date Posted: 10/21/2013 13:52
I recently met a man for a drinks date whose profile said he was 43.  When I met him and when he talked about his ex-wife's age, I became suspicious.  He seemed older in person both in appearance and attitude.  This is not to say that all 49 year olds are set in their ways, but this dude was, and it was a turnoff. 

Another time, I met a woman who claimed to be 27 in her profile, but in reality was 23.  Her behavior showed her age as well. (lots of drama!)

Both of those situations did not work for me.  In his case, he was "too old" for me.  In her case she was "too young" for me. (amongst other things)

I didn't like being lied to.  Aside from their behavior/personalities, it kinda turned me off.  Why lie about something so non subjective.  You are born in year 19XX, just be upfront and allow the person to decide if they are interested.  If you are concerned about not coming up on people's searches, then fudge the age in the "age field" and then state the truth in the body of your profile.

Anyways, I wondered if you have ever met someone that lied about their age but you still found that they were a match for you?

As an aside, I understand that some things need to be kept to yourself (like your home address or where you work, etc, or maybe even your real name) for the purposes of safety and discretion. 


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