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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Webcamless in the 21st century  

10/28/2013 18:14
Posted By:  - SAN ANTONIO, TX  
Date Posted: 10/28/2013 18:14
   So Mr. SWEETNSEXYSCV and I were pondering in chat why some people still try the "we dont have a cam" excuse. This day and age, it is very easy to create fake profiles with the abundance of pictures in the internet, so webcams are a good way to verify you are who you say you are...

I have not seen a laptop being sold in the last 10 yrs that doesnt have a webcam. Most smartphones can now "facetime"...so come on, unless you chat from an abacus, there is really no excuse.

1) Do you take it as an insult when people request to be cam verified?

2) What's the dumbest excuse youve heard.

Some winners:

"My husband took it on the fishing trip with him because he didnt want me to get on".. WTF?!!
"I have to ask my boyfriend for permission"... LMAO!

Feel free to post the dumbest excuses youve gotten!


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