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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Out of Curiosity....  

11/3/2013 16:35
Posted By:  - PEORIA, IL  
Date Posted: 11/3/2013 16:35
   So while reading the book "Swinglife" I became curious about a few things and decided I would just unload them on all of you :-)  First off, it really explains how hard is is to become accepted into this lifestyle as a single male...whether it be gaining trust from potential playmates or getting invited to parties/events.   I can see where it would be harder for them, but is it really THAT hard? I mean from my time on here I have learned even more so that there is somebody for everyone. I enjoy reading profiles even if I know from the picture that they are not going to be someone I would want to play with.....but that doesn't mean that person isn't everything that somebody else is seeking.

My other question is...once a single male sort of "falls i love" with this lifestyle and doesn't ever have the desire to leave it...how do they go about "dating"...do they only look for single females that are already involved in this, do they let potential "vanillas" know right away and see if they are open to exploring something new or do they date for awhile before revealing their secret and hope for the best? Or do they forever stay the single male in this world? I have came across a few single males on here (in my area) that are listed as single, but are really engaged and living a completely separate life (really bothers me).
 In my (our) case, Mr. Nevermore had been part of this lifestyle for years, after running into each other a few times out locally, we started bantering and (without getting mushy) have  been in love ever since.  We talked for hours every night and he sort of opened the door to the lifestyle a little more through each conversation..I went from being completely opposed to it, but accepting that it was part of his past, to me just fantasizing about it and talking about bringing other people into our bed during sex..but didn't actually consider doing it.  I then talked about MAYBE, MAYBE messing around with another girl, or playing with another guy during a hot game of truth or dare....now here I am on LL more than he is, perving profiles and telling him I want to have a gangbang someday before I die. lol. Did he just hit the jack pot (yes) or have others had luck this way, in meeting somebody outside of the lifestyle and having success in opening those doors to them?

Last question (for now)...do you think there is a better way of starting down this path as in...being married "vanillas" and taking every step into the lifestyle as a couple, or two single lifestyle singles that hit it off and continue their journey together or as my experience went, where one is experienced and sort of leads the way for the other (IF they are willing)? I like to think there is hope for everyone....but I am new,young and very curious ;-)

I will say in my time here I have met so many awesome people (online only) and am excited to finally meet some of them! I have no opinions on any of this as that's what I am asking all of you for. Sorry this was so long, I have a problem keeping things short. Hopefully somebody is patient enough to read all of this and comment!


Mrs. Nevermore

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