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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   What counts as sexy pre-play wear for men?  

12/21/2013 23:28
Posted By:  - LONG BEACH, CA  
Date Posted: 12/21/2013 23:28
   We were listening to a swingers podcast today (can't remember which one...could have been "Average Swingers") wherein the hosts bemoaned the lack of effort taken by men when moving to sexy-time wear. Specifically, they were talking about a party that has a rule that at 11 PM, everyone changes from their street clothes to something more sexy and playtime-inducing. They talked about how few man made any sort of effort, many of them wearing their (gasp) boxer shorts. So here's the question we had while they were going on a bit about how men don't step it up and expect their wives to get them laid: just what could a man wear that would count as sexy pre-play wear?  Ms Libid and I couldn't really come up with anything, unless we are talking about a clean t-shirt and boxer briefs, that can in any way compare to what women have in their arsenal with lingerie.  Help us out here...what could these (we're sure very nice but not very specific) podcast hosts be imagining that men could be changing in to?
Mr Libid

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