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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Single playing with couples - odd experiences?  

1/5/2014 14:30
Posted By:  - EMERYVILLE, CA  
Date Posted: 1/5/2014 14:30
   In playing with couples, I've truly had some great times.  Getting along with everyone and all of us enjoying ourselves - pretty much always with the female the focus.  Sometimes it's true threesome group play, sometimes he enjoys watching everything, or watching for a bit, then joining, etc.  All of it good, but did have what I just call an odd experience (and maybe odd is the wrong word... maybe I should say that it went unexpectedly).

I was traveling for work and had a couple come to my hotel for some fun.  Most of my chatting before was with her (which is cool) and we looked forward to an evening together.  They arrived, introductions were made, she and I started chatting and things started from there.  He wasn't really involved but as she and I started making out, I would just look over to see what he was doing - and he was checking something on his phone, ok, no worries.  Continued on, would look again, still sitting around, doing stuff on his phone, etc.  She and I kept going and each timeI looked over, he was just reading the newpaper, or checking his phone, or doing whatever.  At no time did he seem to look over and enjoy, or did she seem to want to get him involved.  In the end, it really ended up being a BC for her where he simply served as an escort.  Nothing wrong with it and at the end he and I chatted a bit (about the weather, what else they were doing in town, etc.) and a fully enjoyable night for two of us lol - but just curious if anyone - single with couples specifically or anyone else - had a good experience that was just "odd" (vs the bad experiences that can happen out there). 


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