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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Newbies...getting discouraged, losing patience.  

1/20/2014 15:44
Posted By:  - SAINT CLOUD, MN  
Date Posted: 1/20/2014 15:44
   Hello all. I'm sure this has been covered many times before but here goes. After much discussion and deliberation, my wife and I agreed to take the plunge into swinging to enrich our sex life and maybe fulfill some of our many fantasies. We signed up here and on another free site and have been "actively looking" for about six months now for our first encounter.

We got many inquiries at first but nothing materialized and now things have nearly come to a halt. We have made contact with (or tried to) with nearly all of the couples in our area that we found may be compatible with us, yet nothing has become of it. Due to the Mrs. having a professional job for a very conservative company we do not have any face pics available in sections other that our privates. I sincerely believe it is my looks that may be turning away potential playmates. Now as with many couples, the Mrs is the catch and I am merely along for the wonderful ride. However, I consider myself average in attractiveness and not someone that should repulse others. It seems that we get some initial interests but once we get to the opening of private pics stage it ends there.

As expected, I would assume that most couples look for other couples that looks similar to themselves. It seems that on this site especially, that there are two main types of couples- the super fit, Ken and Barbie types or the Harley riding , fast living couples. We are neither of these. I would like to think we are more like a slice of average middle America...not knockouts but far from ugly. As unpretentious as many couples want to make themselves sound like in their profiles, it seems that most are not looking for beauty any further than skin deep. Of course, when it comes to hot and steamy fantasy sex, wouldn't we all like to be with bona fide tens but that's not very realistic for the majority of us "average" folk.

Maybe I am overreacting and more patience is required, but i don't see how much longer I can justify paying a monthly fee without seeing some tangible results.  If there is anyone willing to take the time to give honest feedback (not just bashing) on our entire profile I will gladly open up our privates to you. 

Thanks- Mr. Ready

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