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   Should I Talk to my Friend About Making Out With His Wife?  

2/10/2014 20:25
Posted By:  - LAKEWOOD, CA  
Date Posted: 2/10/2014 20:25
   I am usually pretty skilled at getting through various types of social interactions, but this one has me stumped.  

We have a couple who are friends--they have been together for almost 20 years, and I have known them about 3 years and my wife since she met me.   I'll call them Ted and Alice.  

Ted and Alice are clearly not monogamous, but I would not say they are members of the "lifestyle".  But clearly, they are very open minded.  They once shared a girlfriend.  I've been to parties and seen Ted being very sexual with women besides Alice.  They have hinted at having gone to lifestyle parties.   I met them through one of my good friends, a retired adult film star.   Ted and Alice also have other friends in the adult industry.  

Okay--these are clearly not vanilla people.   

A few months back they had a party and Alice and I ended up alone in a room together for a few minutes, and the sexual tension was pretty heavy--but I had not talked to the Mrs. about Alice in this regard, so I didn't do anything.  After that, I told Mrs. Affuctionate about what had happened and she gave me the green light to make a move.  

This last Saturday we were all at a huge party/event in Hollywood with several other friends.   We were all being very affectionate with each other.  Lots of kissing and hugging and so forth--this is pretty normal with this group of friends.  

As things progressed, Alice and I started making out pretty heavily.  Mrs. Affucktionate joined in also for a bit, but she was in and out of the room.  I know Ted was around for awhile, but not sure how long and not sure what he saw.  Alice and I talked a bit about our mutual attraction.  And then I asked her, "Is this okay with Ted?"   She assured me that Ted totally understood and that it was not a problem.  

So, my question is whether I should double check with Ted?   I really like both these people a lot and I do not want to cause a problem with the friendship.  We are going to see them again this weekend.   

I am always in favor of open communication--but do I just out and out ask him, "hey, is it okay if Alice and I made out last weekend at the party?  Do you mind if we do it again?   Would you like to join us?"  

Any suggestions?  

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