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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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2/16/2014 17:08
Posted By:  - MILWAUKEE, WI  
Date Posted: 2/16/2014 17:08
   The hubby and I recently were contacted by another couple from out of town to meet out for drinks. We texted a bit, including that evening to make sure that things were still on. We got to the bar a little early and were having a great time socializing with each other while waiting for the other couple to show.

Once the other couple arrived, we could tell right away that things were probably not going to get far. They came with a group of vanillas and while the hubby had no issues showing that he was interested in getting to know us better, the wife was very concerned about letting the others know what was up. (Story was that they were all out to dinner and would soon be leaving.) Spending time mingling amongst the whole crowd did not leave much time for us to get to know them. While they were very nice, we were actually sharing with each other that we were having more fun by ourselves.

This went on for a while...

I find it hard to sometimes balance "vanilla" social etiquette which would have dictated polite nods, stifling yawns and nice smiles over drinks on an evening out before making our exit as compared the "lifestyle" one of knowing that things were off and ducking out the backdoor with our Groucho Marx glasses on.

So, my question really is when do we give up the social niceties of a date with a new or known couple for that matter and bail? How long should we have waited? I would love to hear what other couples do.

Thanks for the feedback :)

~Mrs. CNS

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