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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Consensual or not? When a good party goes bad.  

2/18/2014 08:20
Posted By:  - BEVERLY HILLS, CA  
Date Posted: 2/18/2014 08:20
   I have been in the lifestyle for some time now, and have never experienced this.. I am curious what others have experienced or how they would have handled it.

At a mansion party, had played with a couple with a guy friend of mine present (4-way), and we all had a fun time. Exchanged text numbers..and continued with party. A few hours later, we all started playing again in a room with about 10 or so people. The guy (from the couple) tries to stick his fingers in my pussy, and I go,,No fingers there please. He tries repeatedly, each time I still say no. The "straw" was..the last time he tried, I again said NO..this time more annoyed, and he goes,, yes, you are going to take it and rams his fingers in.

I immediately jump up and go no fucking way..and I went over to my guy friend and sat by him and told him what happened. He was in the middle of having fun, and tried to make me feel better, and hung on to me for a second until I stopped hyperventilating, and regained my composure. I was trying hard not to ruin the mood for others, and create a scene..and after a few minutes I regained composure and played with my guy friend and others. The guy from the couple tried to come over to me.. And I told him to leave me alone, and just got into situations where he couldn't touch me.

The guy from the couple texts me the next day, as we had exchanged numbers earlier..and says how nice it was to meet me...I didn't respond for two days..then, let's just say... I let him know how what he did was WAY out of line. He said he didn't remember doing it, doesn't even remember being in that room..was really drunk by that point..said he was really sorry..apologized..bla bla bla.

Anybody have similar experiences?

This is yet one more reason I don't play with couples I don't know without a guy present. I have never had this happen..but other bizarre stuff.

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