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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Male etiquette in a group situation  

2/24/2014 14:17
Posted By:  - SACRAMENTO, CA  
Date Posted: 2/24/2014 14:17
   My girl and I are fairly new to the LS and we've attended a few clubs and house parties with a number of couples in attendance that we're meeting for the first time. I'm curious about etiquette for men. I'm noticing that their behavior can vary quite a bit in terms of their first sexual interaction with the other girl. Some guys are pretty quick to initiate the first contact--often it's just a kiss and/or some touching but sometimes more. Others (like me) tend to hang back and wait and let the girl make the first move of some kind, even if it's some light touching. I'm curious to hear from both men and women on this site as to what they prefer to do in that situation and why. I put a high priority on being respectful but I also don't want this to communicate disinterest on my part. In the vanilla world on a date I think I pretty much do the same thing--I wouldn't lean in for a first kiss until I was pretty sure she wanted me to otherwise you get the dreaded cheek turn!

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