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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Pics - When To Pull / Retire Your "Old" Pictures?  

3/26/2014 15:43
Posted By:  - WALNUT CREEK, CA  
Date Posted: 3/26/2014 15:43
   We've been in the lifestyle for about a year and a half and all our pics are from then or newer. We've heard and read many experiences from people talking about the recency of pictures, for example:

  • "Our pictures are accurate" (but don't say when they were taken)
  • "That couple didn't look anything like their profile pictures, I think those had to have been at least 6 years old!"
It's been interesting viewing profiles and seeing the main "regular / gold / private"  area pics of other members that are 3+ years, and sometimes MUCH older. To clarify, I think it's fine for even really old pics to remain in the various albums since they are all dated... I'm talking about the "This is what we look like" profile pictures.

Sure different people age differently and during different periods of their lives, so for some it may not be necessary to swap out more recent pics as often as it might be for others.

... but here's the problem / question: How easy is it for any of us to be truly objective when viewing our own pictures?!?!

I mean, I doubt many of us are excited to admit that we're changing or getting older. We probably aren't inclined to think that we may no longer look like our pictures. Even if we were willing to do so, is it even possible for us to determine when a super awesome hot picture from our past should be retired?

So, when do you remove / retire your pictures? Do you do it objectively when they are a specific amount of years old, or do you do it subjectively based on if you think you look different or not now compared to then?

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