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Are you seeking Monticello, Minnesota swingers personal ads?
Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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3/31/2014 08:34
Posted By:  - MONTICELLO, MN  
Date Posted: 3/31/2014 08:34
   So this is a place where we have evidently been painfully na´ve. My wife and I really play on the fringes if the LS. We are busy in life, family, careers, kids.... You kno.... However, we love meeting new ppl and enjoying the full range of lifestyle fun. Most recently we met a fantastic couple our age and mindset(hard to find). After meeting up for a fantastic first date we found them very tentative the next time we met.... In conversation with them we learned that we were completely thrown under the bus by another couple they'd met. Having never met this couple ourselves we were shocked!! And pretty much pissed!!!! IS THIS A COMON PHENOMENON!!???! What happened to putting your best foot forward and letting the chips fall where they may? Aren't we all adults here.... Thoughts!?

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