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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Indecent Proposal  

4/1/2014 23:48
Posted By:  - TUSTIN, CA  
Date Posted: 4/1/2014 23:48
   First of all it may not be considered an "indecent" proposal, it just sounded really good in my head for a Subject Line

I will set the scene first:
                 Contacted an incredible, physically fit, 34DD, extremely curvy in the right places, and petite female, listed as a single female in the profile but considered a couple in the description section of the profile. Response was great since she considered herself a fan of the 9 inch + +club and the profile clearly stated that...anywho after a few exchanges i get his with this 

"Actually you are great in all aspects. Your being straight up and open and honest is sooooo refreshing! Being large as you are and uncut is far different than a small indian type dirty smaller guy lol. Off the wall question and I don't even know what it is in (my) head that wants this but here goes....as said my very cool bf is straight. He does NOT know I am requesting this. I have for 2 full years now wanted (him) to experience what I experience (to give a guy a blow job). Question is if I myself paid you say $500 (and don't be PLEASE offended re the money just trying to get you to justify the experience and agree with what I assume you find odd) - could my bf with him fully clothed simply unzip you, blow you and you cum in his mouth. Start to finish you to might see each other in a hotel or car 10 minutes. Bet that is a weird question for the morning for you!!!!! LOL. This is not in lieu of us (you and I doing what we discussed). Just wanted the bf to do this to you ASAP (please). No sex otherwise between you 2, not part of a threesome between us, no filming just straight and simply he stop by, pay and to do that to you and he come home and be able to talk to me about, he taste your cum and walk me through verbally what happened would be a huge turn on to me. Would you e willing to do that for me (and as funny as it sounds for him?)? A******???? Ideally even as soon as today????
have removed the names to maintain their privacy
Needless to say did not correspond back after this but i was curious to hear if this has happened to couples as well, where you are being guided to one thing and all of a sudden a curve ball is thrown

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