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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   swing mentoring  

4/6/2014 23:15
Posted By:  - TURLOCK, CA  
Date Posted: 4/6/2014 23:15
   so a week or so ago i was on here and there was a young man asking for pointers on getting into swinging, and it got me thinking. anyway when i was a young man first getting into swinging, i meet a couple on a site like this one, the first time we got together i was very very shy and very green in all things swinging (i  thought was very kinky, but i soon found out just how boring i was) the first time i  went to their house, the wife got naked and the husband had to tell me well would you like to take you clothes off? and as soon as he got ready to fuck her i just sat on the end of the bed and did nothing. and when they wonted to take pics of me fucking they wife i asked only to take picks of my cock in her so you could not see me;( ( lame now thinking about it) anyway luckily the couple had patience invited me back the next weekend, but more we played the more they would push me sexually, this time i was not so shy as soon as i walked into their bedroom i got naked pulled my cock right out, and the hubby soon told me and his wife to 69 while he fucked her, only a week earlier i shyed away when it was his turn to fuck her, now i was eating her pussy with him in side and loving it!!! we keep getting kinkier and kinkier by the fourth time we played they said they wanted to make a porn video of me and his wife, and take some really hardcore pics of us, they were so cool so i agreed, so the vid started off me and his wife sitting on the bed talking saying that i am not her husband, we got naked and the cameras was on me hubby was interviewing me  asking my name and taking pics of me while i was fucking her he even had me pull out once so you could see i had no condom on with his wife, anyway i came in her pussy and he had me spread her pussy lips so i he could get better shots of her pussy with my load in it, anyway long story short my face, her face, all about the both of us names, naked bodies, creampies, and only a moth earlier i would not even let them take a face pic of me. so the heres the point if i din't have a couple to show me the ropes and push my sexual limits i would of never discovered all the kinkier aspects of swinging and sex that i now love, without my swinging mentor's!!!

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