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   First time all night playmate for the Mrs. Hot? or Nerve Wrack?  

4/9/2014 17:12
Posted By:  - NEW ORLEANS, LA  
Date Posted: 4/9/2014 17:12

We’ve both had hall passes for years now, and have not hesitated to use them. 




Typically, it’s Mr. HELL, and it’s a redeux of old friends with benefits up or a chance encounter, but in short – the ladies know that I am committed to my gal through and through.   It’s interesting that Mrs. HELL also is very much in the “I don’t want to know the gory details camp”,  but rather just thinks it’s hot if a hook up takes place.




Contrast that with Mr. HELL.   On a recent trip, Mrs. HELL exercised a rare pass on a chance encounter in hotel lobby bar.  It was hot, spontaneous, on a business trip and took place over 3 days on that trip.   Needless to say, Mr. HELL was about as turned on as he ever has been, but at the same time, wanted more details.   Mrs. HELL doesn't like to share them as much, but is something we are working out.   




Fast forward to tonight.  She is across town at an off site business meeting, and she is meeting a LS hall pass married male for the evening.   It’s the first encounter that Mrs. HELL has planned, flirted up to it, arranged some cover story and will be hitting the sheets with her friend in the early evening until the wee morning……




The Mr. from the other couple texted me earlier in the day to thank me for allowing this to happen, and I certainly appreciated that gesture of polite swinging.   But I fear that my voyeuristic tendencies will start to drive me crazy later.   




I’m wildly turned on, but with a ton of other nervous emotions, and scheduled myself out with a GF that may or may not end up in play, but at least will kill time.




What’s your thoughts out there, LL land?  Talk me through tonight!  



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