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   Ok, so I get an email.....  

4/22/2014 11:28
Posted By:  - KULA, HI  
Date Posted: 4/22/2014 11:28

     On another site we belong to, We get an email from a couple asking to meet up with us while they are in Maui. We take a look at their profile, and they are attractive. We read their profile and it is one of those couples who go on and on about how athletic they are and how well they take care of their bodies, and list all the things they need in play partners as well as the people they refuse to play with. Im reading all of this and realize people have the right to desire what they like, but I can tell from their profiles that even if we fit their criteria, they just would not be the type of people we would have a connection with.

     I send them a very polite email, saying I dont think we are a match. I did my best to compliment how far they have come with their physical development, and was not insulting whatsoever. To not come off cold, I gave them some suggestions on great things that are happening on Maui during the timeframe they will be here. I wish them a sincere Aloha at the end of the email. To me the email sounded very sincere and nice, it wasnt just a focus on the 'No'.

     I get an email back bashing the hell out of us. Telling us who do we think we are. Telling us to go play with losers if thats what we enjoy. They went as far as to make fun of a pic that we have on that site. I was pretty upset at this. I have gotten emails over the years bashing me for certain opinions I have, but this one was more personal. It took me by surprise because they were the ones who initially contacted us, and then end up putting down everything that we are about. THey even put us down for having qualities that they assumed we have (they were wrong)

     Anyway, yesterday I realize this couples is on this site as well. I take a look at their forum posts. For me on LL that is usually a good indicator of how friendly and easy going they are.  I read their posts which they have been posting for years. Their posts are full of statements talking about how they often refuse offers to meet based on reason A,B,C......etc etc. I cant say I was suprised, but I just felt they were so hypocritical. Going as far as to make fun of some of the people they have turned down over the years.

     I have said often that the lifestyle has become more like children fighting in the sandbox. I dont want to be a sand thrower, but I am not sure why their reaction was like that. Why do couples who tend to knock a vast majority of people on a regular basis get so upset when someone isnt on the same page with them. Why do people who limit their play partners to a specific type of person have such an inability to not understand there are people who dont. Why do they not understand that their need to be so specific on what you want/need in a play partner is a total turn off to some people.


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