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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   What is your most active LL group?  

4/26/2014 12:34
Posted By:  - PHOENIX, AZ  
Date Posted: 4/26/2014 12:34
   Because all of ours are D E A D! The one thing we enjoy about The Lounge is the ability to connect with different people with different views near and far.

When LL first introduced Groups they were like a ticket to the best nightclub. Everyone wanted in and a wide diversity of views were presented. Now, O M G you can't pay to start a conversation in the groups we belong to.

So....is it just that groups have become passe or are we just not hanging in the right spots?

Look though our groups and you get a sense of what trips our erotic trigger. If you belong to a group in that genre is this active shoot us a note or an invite. Or maybe a wildcard or two might be fun, active group but not in our genre, let us know and we will give it a trial run. But please, if your group is D E A D and you are looking for more people to help revive it, we will pass.

Thanks in advance for helping us make more of those erotic connections that brought us here in the first place.


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