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   LL Bloopers: Booty Call, IM and Emails most Akward Moments  

5/24/2014 21:32
Posted By:  - VALENCIA, CA  
Date Posted: 5/24/2014 21:32
   So I, the Mr am usually the one on-line and holy shit have there been a few "moments" recently. I'm curious how many of you have similar stories. This post is in hopes that we can share the funny, awkward and WTF moments of Booty Call responses, IM and Email introductions etc. The intention of this post is the humor in it all. It's not intended to be a bag or bitch session :). That being said; here we go...

Oh, the names used are fictitious for obvious reasons.



We rarely post a booty call but, one night the Mrs and I were in the hot tub and thought; "let's see if we can get in a little trouble," so we posted a BC for Couples, SF or SM. We got quite a few replies but this one SM stood out. Nice looking guy, articulate, great profile etc. so, we talk on the phone, he agrees to come up and says he'll be about an hour or so. It seems like the Mrs is gonna have her hands and well... ya' know... full tonight.

About 10-minutes later the phone rings, we see it's his number, the Mrs picks up and says hello, the SM goes, "Hey Carmen, it's Dave. Just wanted to see if your available tonight or not. If not, I'm gonna make other plans. Mrs Firsttimers goes, "Ummm... Hey Dave, this is Marie!" Click, he hangs up.... never to be heard from again. I guess it was more awkward for him than it was for us. We thought it was funny and laughed our asses off for the next half-hour.


In the same night, we got an email reply from this couple. The email went something like this; "Hi. We saw your BC and would love to come over. I'm on my period right now but Jim would love to fuck your wife!" I thought, Huh? I'd love to fuck my wife, and I CAN so.... have a great night!

IM - WTF?:

I'm on-line, IM pops up, this guy says; "Hey. How are you." I say; "good, how about you?" He says; "is this the Mr or Mrs?" I say; "Mr. Here." He asks "Where's the Mrs?" I tell him; "she's out right now" Boom..... He closes the IM!


IM pops up and this guys says; "Hey sexy! You have the most amazing ass on LL!" I said; "Wow, I appreciate the compliment but, you should see hers!" He closes his IM window. Lol!


Here's the best one. It just happen yesterday.

IM window pops up and this guy's first line is; "I would LOVE to suck your asshole!" That actually irritated the shit out of me so I said; "Ooooh.. really? Do you have facial hair?" He says; "I have a Go-Tee" I said; "Would you mind shaving it first?" He says; "Anything you want. Why, you don't like facial hair?" I said; "Not sure, never had my asshole sucked before but, I wanna make sure your chin hair doesn't chafe my nuts!"

Yep, you guessed it! He shut his IM window the FUCK down! Lol.

Oh boy....

- Mr. First

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