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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Whiskey Dick! It CAN happen to you!  

5/26/2014 15:24
Posted By:  - VALENCIA, CA  
Date Posted: 5/26/2014 15:24
   So, we met this couple in the Redondo Beach area one weekend. The coolest, friendliest, most amazing couple we've met. We hung out, had drinks, laughed, danced, it was a great time however, we didn't play that night. Let's call them S (Mr.) and L (Mrs.).

There was an obvious connection between all four of us which, we've found rare. Anyway, we talk to each other afterwards and they decide to come to our place a few weeks later (from the Bay Area). The Mrs and I are totally cool with it because, we just had a vibe with this couple. They were and are SO much fun and easy going people, not to mention, extremely sexy!

So, they arrive (even brought food n' shit! I know, right?). So, we start having drinks, hanging out in the hot tub etc. that night was so much fun. It was so sexy, we'd felt like we've known them for years. Strange and possibly rare but very, very cool!

We take things from the hot tub to the pool and eventually upstairs to the bedroom. What a great time!!!

The next day me (Mr.) and L (Mrs from the other couple) start having cocktails early. Everyone's hanging out, swimming, music cranking and me and S (Mr. From the other couple) start getting BJ's (from opposite Mrs.) Mrs. First and S decide to go upstairs. Me and L stay at the pool and she does an AMAZING job at finishing me off! The girl is talented and sexy as hell!

A while later me and L go upstairs, we see Mrs First and S are having a good time so we go in a separate room. Holy shit. My dick isn't working! Granted, this girl is so damn sexy in EVERY WAY, my mind was working over time but my dick decided to take the afternoon off! I was so damn frustrated, I wanted to slap it but knew it would hurt so I didn't. Trying to put the condom on a semi, I made a remark of how it looked like a "clown hat!" All I could really do at that moment was see the humor in it. Thank you L for not making a big deal of it! :)

I've always prided myself (like most men) on how I can be ready at anytime, multiple times! Jr. ALWAYS rises to the occasion but, Ummm.... alcohol can fuck things up in more ways than one! It was my most embarrassing moment but, thought I'd share and hope that other men might be willing to as well! Come on guys and couples even, you can share too! ;) No matter what you think. There's is no SUPERMAN! ;) We all have our Kryptonite! I seriously didn't know what mine was until that experience.

Damn alcohol in excess..... The vagina can take whatever is tossed at it, Whiskey dick's a bitch!

- Mr. First

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