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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Preferences versus Racism/Disdain  

5/28/2014 16:49
Posted By:  - NEW YORK, NY  
Date Posted: 5/28/2014 16:49
   I know most here hate to be confronted with this issue, but its real...very real.

Without going into detail -- I was confronted once again by not one but two couples this past holiday weekend...who thought I was single as I sat at a bar waiting for my husband to park the car.

They seemed kind and friendly...until my husband arrived. Wow....It was like Godzilla had crashed into the room. Long story short, The male half simply walked away without saying a word-leaving his wife standing there looking a little embarrassed. She literally said to me...and I quote "Sorry, he doesn't like Black guys". lol

WTF?....like how? Like hates them. Like doesn't wanna get fucked by one? Like they don't taste good..what?

I'm on numerous adult social sites and communicate with many here on LL, and I'm always asked the same question once people are comfortable with me..."Lola, why are there so few Black women and couples on LL and other sites?

Well, that is one of the biggest reasons. The aforementioned. The lifestyle is a microcosm of American society. Most people don't venture where they feel they aren't wanted or desired.

Now don't get me wrong...Black swingers I KNOW could really care less. They have some of thee most successful swinging groups around the country...and in my view have some of the biggest fun events I've been to.

It's just a damn shame that some will use the word "preference" when they really mean something else. But it is what it is.

I don't expect a lot of comments on this topic. Just wanted to put it out there...again ....for me.

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