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   The Orgyniser: how Killing Kittens founder Emma Sayle grew a sex empire  

6/6/2014 17:23
Posted By:  - PHOENIX, AZ  
Date Posted: 6/6/2014 17:23
   A moderately long article via the UK's London Evening Standard:  http://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/london-life/the-orgyniser-how-killing-kittens-founder-emma-sayle-turned-an-ibiza-shagfest-into-a-sex-party-empire-with-40000-clients-9498650.html

The Orgyniser: how Killing Kittens founder Emma Sayle turned an Ibiza shagfest into a sex party empire with 40,000 clients

It was at an Ibiza shagfest that Emma Sayle got turned on to sex parties – now her Killing Kittens events pleasure more than 40,000 clients. She tells Rosamund Urwin why it’s all about women

"Nothing shocks me any more,” declares Emma Sayle, before listing some of the stranger parts of her work at Killing Kittens, the orgy organisers. Currently, she’s searching for a Diana Vickers lookalike for a man who wants to be pretend-mugged while on a date, whereupon the Diana-double will morph into Supergirl and save him. Then there’s the judge who likes to be called “general” as he spanks women. Sayle has already revealed that a Labour MP once turned up at one of her sex parties, and wore only pants and a dog’s collar as a woman led him around the room.

Sayle founded Killing Kittens nine years ago. Its 40,000 members are mostly “AB demographic, high-fliers and hedonists”. Celebrity Big Brother’s Luisa Zissman is a fan, but Rhys Ifans was once turned away at the door “because he looked like a tramp”. The USP for the parties is that women are in charge; men have to be invited to join in any intimate activities. Killing Kittens now also arranges “experiences” to turn members’ sexual fantasies into reality — although Sayle recently refused a woman’s request for a rape scenario: “There’s a line we wouldn’t cross.”

I meet the 36-year-old in her office in Mortlake. She’s wearing a a coral maxi-dress with statement silver earrings (think Sienna Miller — the boho years). She’s giving this interview to plug her (co-written) memoirs, Behind the Mask. It’s the kind of book where the champagne is always flowing, all the women have glossy hair and all the men are filthy rich. There are worse books out there — the reams of self-published poetry, say — but it does contain sentences such as “Desire is etched in his face as he presses the tip of his manhood into me”. Still, the 50 Shades trilogy has sold 100 million copies and that had Christian Grey-flavoured popsicles.

Emma Sayle with the Duchess of Cambridge, whom she briefly went to school with (Picture: Rex)
Sayle is posh and personable, like a grown-up version of a character from Daisy Pulls It Off. In Behind the Mask, she describes her sex life in the kind of detail that would make a grandparent faint but the Killing Kittens parties are strictly professional for her: she’s in a monogamous relationship with Olympic hockey player James Tindall and is five months pregnant. There’s little about the office that betrays what the business does — just a few newspaper cuttings on the wall, most of which refer to Sayle as “Kate’s mate”. That’s Kate Middleton, whom Sayle briefly went to school with and who joined the Sisterhood, a Sloaney sporting set that Sayle also founded, during Kate’s brief split from Prince William. The Duchess signed up to race in a dragon boat with Sayle, prompting the inevitable headlines linking Kate with the Killing Kittens sex parties.  Read the rest at the link.

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