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   Single females  

7/23/2014 08:49
Posted By:  - BEVERLY HILLS, CA  
Date Posted: 7/23/2014 08:49
   My profile is expiring in 5 days. I want to post some parting comments for single men and couples to think about when playing with a single female. I have been a single female in the lifestyle for over 5 years, so I feel more than qualified to post this. I was a couple before that also.

As a single female..you have no one looking out for you. It is a vulnerable position. You have no one to help you....be it driving to wherever, paying for your own gas, hair, nails, clothes.. Etc.

Everyone wants you..which is great..but you are the outsider going into someone's home, marriage, relationship..etc. If it is a single guy you are meeting...in some ways it is less intimidating than playing with a couple, as there is only one person to deal with...yet with a single guy..you are truely alone...if the deal goes bad..it can really suck.

I have had one really bad experience with a couple..she went psycho..and I was afraid she was going to get violent.. He was trying to prevent me from leaving and she was going psycho yelling at him.. Very scarey.

Sometimes people..mostly single guys have just discarded me like they would a prostate, when they were done. They kicked me out of their place at 4 or 5 in the am... In one case I had been drinking..and the guy just told me to leave..there was no drama..we had a fun time prior to that..I asked if I could just crash for a little bit.. But NOPE... I had to leave.. Fucker..

I had it happen again Saturday.. A guy kicked me and my girlfriend out at 5 am.. No drama.. Everything was fine.. Basically it was like see ya.. Get out.. I need to sleep, Now my girlfriend and I both live at minimum an hour from the guys place. I ended up sleeping in my car, she decided to drive home.

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