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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   G-rated Meet & Greet Pool Party Dilemma  

7/24/2014 08:48
Posted By:  - MINNEAPOLIS, MN  
Date Posted: 7/24/2014 08:48
   Hey all I am incredibly limited to one mere August weekend childless this year to host a G-rated meet & greet of my wishlist or maybe more attendees. I would like to hold more in Aug/Sept as competing Lifestyle events going on during my childless weekends. Has anyone ever held a meet & greet when their kids r home yet relagated to the house with windows closed? I would just tell them it is a boating or biker club party etc.

I have a neat yet rustic, bohemian/Giligan's Island landscape with walking trails, triple patio swing, hammock for 2, 24' ABG pool with huge 3/4 deck, tropical decor with tiki torches n lighted palm trees, firepit and room for a buffet area etc. Only bummer is my bathroom access is in the middle of my home. Not keen on having strangers traipsing thru my home and not about to rent an outdoor biff for a meet n greet. So want to entertain and would enjoy advice.

I am not able to have a R or XXX rated Lifestyle event at my home for more than perhaps a couple or two when the neighbors are or arent around as only approx 90% privacy for nudity or sexual activities day or evening without my creating a cabana area or three. I dont really have the time or money to create such this year, esp without help. Moreover I can't host playtime events with more people than I can monitor or trust to be discreet enuf to ensure we keep a low visual and audible profile from the neighbors.

Just wanting to learn from others experiences about home meet n greets esp. Better to learn from others wisdom:)

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