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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   What is the oddest thing you have done in the lifestyle?  

8/5/2014 09:39
Posted By:  - FLAGSTAFF, AZ  
Date Posted: 8/5/2014 09:39
   Last month while at Desire I had a few new, and  well, interesting, experiences. Here was the oddest. (Not good or bad....just different)

One of the theme nights a couple came into the Disco dressed in bsdm type clothing. As a prop they had one of those paddles that when slapped on your ass that made the word "bitch". Somehow I got a hold of that thing:)

To start with TONS of girls pull up their skirts to get the spanking. Normal. Then the GUYS started joining in. The wives would bring the boys over...they would drop their pants...and wack...they were bitches. Little different. Thennnn a guy wanted his thing wacked. Hummmm....ok. So I did it. (Very wimpy the first time)  Then he wanted it harder. Maybe 5 or 6 wacks later he was totally hard and I was smacking him really, really hard! (ouch!!!)  This whole event was interesting to me. It did not turn me on...nor off, just kinda entertaining.  (Hey I am a pleaser....Ill try almost anything once:))  

What about you...any experience that have stuck with you, just because of how "odd" they were?    Mrs

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