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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Scary lifestyle expierence (no jokes or BS responses please)  

8/17/2014 01:09
Posted By:  - MILL VALLEY, CA  
Date Posted: 8/17/2014 01:09

I had a scary experience in the lifestyle and was hopeful to gain some insights from others on the situation.


A couple weeks ago we met a couple.  The initial drinks went well and we ended up back at our place for a typical lifestyle get together;  this couple had two kids at home and thus we used our place.

Fast forward now a couple of weeks.  I am home alone and I hear my doorbell.  To my surprise I find the male half alone;  mind you this is not planned or anticipated. Surprised, I invite the male half inside.  Quickly, while I am offering him water or tea, a few things are clear:  he tells me he got into a fight with his wife and clearly he is high. 

Within a couple of minutes, he starts recalling our reunion and begins to try to kiss me.  For me, this situation moves from awkward to bad; he is grabbing at me like a drunken high school boy.  I tell him twice he needs to leave now;  he responds with ‘that is not what you said the other night’, ‘how about just  a quickie’, ‘ you bitch quit playing  games.’  

Quickly,  I started to become really scared;  I had a guy in my house and I honestly had a nightmare that he was going to forcibly  attack me!  Fortunately, he allowed me to visit the bathroom ‘to pee’;  I used my privacy to send out a very desperate text for help and the situation was resolved without need for the police. 


- Did I happen on the one in a million freak or have others had the uninvited guest nightmare?

- Do you use your house ever?

- Woman do you own  pepper spray or anything similar? And no I don't own (nor want) a gun...

- With hindsight clearly I should not have opened my front door;  what else should I have done?

Sorry this has me freaked out….



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