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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   a couple's desire for the unicorn experience  

11/24/2017 20:44
Posted By:  - CAMPBELL, CA  
Date Posted: 11/24/2017 20:44
MS. posting …

I had the sexiest chat today with a single woman. I asked her a lot of questions because ultimately, I am also a single woman here but I have a couples profile with a man that I really enjoy playing with. The profile is truthful by the way but not the point. Ahem.

So, I've been hesitant to have the couple experience mostly because of the whole "hunting for the mysterious unicorn" thing. And perhaps I've been wrong about what it would/will be like to be alone with a couple (I love full swap with my friend). So after chatting with my beautiful new friend my desire became crystal clear.. I have a profile on a different site that is the solo single female … deer in the headlights profile. But today … Today I changed it. I really want to own my unicorn experience. So I wrote the following and while I am certainly not asking for approval, I would like to know if this is super far from the couple desire to play with a unicorn. I'd especially like to know how a couple would feel about the unicorn being in charge.  Here is what I wrote …

We are in a bar having drinks and getting to know one another. I'm really taken aback by the sensual female next to me. Her smell, her breasts, her waist … I'm feeling like I could … 

So I've touched her a little to know she'd like me to please her. I've whispered the things I want to do with her in her ear and she's responding … I look at them both and say to the husband, I really like your wife. She excites me so much that I'm already wet just being next to her. What do you say we go somewhere private and I spend a little time exploring her? Say enough time to make her scream. And then, she can explore me and make me scream. You'll be watching the entire time. Depending on the vibe, we will either all enjoy each other or, I'll watch the two of you go at it. But my desire at this moment is your beautiful woman. What do you say?  


I'd love to hear your thoughts … you will not hurt my feelings xoxo


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