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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
 Originator Date Posted 

3/15/2018 12:03
Posted By:  - NEWHALL, CA  
Date Posted: 3/15/2018 12:03
   Ok - "observational vent":

We've been on here for 8 years.  Mrs. started a SF profile last month in addition to our regular profile since my disability is progressing a bit, and we agreed that she could play with couples.  I get to jump in on occasion, so it all works out.

But what's the deal with the married guys and their "game"?

Incessant emails.  Wanting to meet up separately without spouses before even the male half and Mrs. have met (our profile addresses this).  Messages every day about what they want to do to her.  Setting up play details before emails have even been exchanged.  And so it goes…

The SMs get a bit of a pass here since a bit of hyperbole and misplaced bravado come with the territory here.  But the married/couple guys?  If I did stuff like this, I'd either (a) be a virgin or (b) surfing the couch indefinitely.

A bit of an eye opener after these many years.

My .02


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