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   A request for a feature, to the site programmers...  

8/14/2011 15:08
Posted By:  - COSTA MESA, CA  
Date Posted: 8/14/2011 15:08
   This has probably already been suggested and shot down as technologically unfeasible, but...

It would be really nice to have 'his' and 'hers' photo galleries, so that people could check a sort box saying 'has pictures of HIM' or 'has pictures of HER' (mostly the former) to reduce the amount of time spent searching fruitlessly through page after page of 'her' looking for the one or two of 'him' that may/may not be there. Maybe just one gold-level 'His-only' section, to reduce programming?

After reading a blog by a new member who may leave due to this issue, it reminded me of my own frustration years ago, hour after hour, until I - literally - gave up looking at couples profiles at all, unless they contacted me. Just not worth all the fruitless searching.

Any chance it could be done? (bats lashes)

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