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   Profile Preferences for SMs need updating?  

12/28/2011 19:23
Posted By:  - CARLSBAD, CA  
Date Posted: 12/28/2011 19:23
   We've yet to realize our first MFM experience with a single male (still warming up to the idea - maybe something for the New Year), and were wondering if anyone else on the site finds the same problem we did with our profile choices.

There's a single checkbox that says: "Block all single males from sending me email, and non-certified males from viewing my profile and photos"

Seems to us that these really ought to be two separate checkboxes for those of us who don't want to block SMs from sending us mail, but do want to block non-certified males from perving us.

Are we alone here?  We have this box checked, but only because it's an all-or-nothing option.  We'd love to hear your opinions!

Sorry if this has been raised and settled in the past; we searched and came up empty-handed.

-- Mr. Groove

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