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   New feature. Video uploads!  

1/30/2012 23:11
Posted By:  - CRYSTAL BAY, MN  
Date Posted: 1/30/2012 23:11

We are proud to announce a fabulous new video feature that will totally transform your profile and ultimately the Lifestyle Lounge.

We have just released a video upload feature. This will allow you to upload your videos from your smart phones, or video cameras directly to your profile via your PC. Eventually we hope to offer you the ability to upload from your smart-phone, but as of now the video must be uploaded from your PC

Just like profile photos, you will be able to categorize your videos as a regular video (viewable by any Exclusive member), or gold (Only viewable by 100% Real Seal members), or Private (Only viewable by those members that you give your private password to, or to those you have white listed)

To upload a video, you can either do so from your own profile.  When viewing your own profile, scroll down below your photo icons to the "Video Library" box.  Select the link to "Upload a video now > >"

Or you can also access this feature by selecting "My Account" from the main menu, scroll down and select:

Upload a video file to your profile

Once you select a video for upload, please wait until the upload is complete.  You will then be redirected to the video encoding page.  There will be a progress bar that will show you the percent completion for the encoding process.  Please be patient, this could take a few minutes.

Videos must be 50MB or less in size.

Once the video is uploaded and encoded, you will be able to view your video after the video player appears.

Videos will be made available to view on your profile immediately.  However, all videos will still go through an admin review process.

Your video will be approved if it is a video that you own, and that you are pictured in.

However, If your video contains copyrighted material, or URL's and watermarks from other websites, it will be removed from our system.

Videos will be removed if the orientation of the video is not upright.  It will be up to you to rotate your video prior to upload to ensure is can be easily viewed by our members.  (Hold your smart phone the correct way when taking videos).  Videos are orientated with the widest part as the horizontal.  If you need to rotate your video prior to upload, we provide a link on the upload page to a free Microsoft video editing tool.

If your video is sexually explicit, we reserve the right to move your video to your gold or private section.  Silver or regular videos must not be sexually explicit, however, nudity is allowed in the silver video section.

We would ask you to follow the same general rules for your videos as related to your photo uploads.

This is a major new feature that will most likely result in some major tweaks and adjustments over the coming days.  We would value your input as you learn and use our video profile feature.

We will also be offering some video tips and tricks in this and other forum topics as more and more members use this new feature.  If you are a video expert, we hope you will lend your expertise to everyone else as they go through the learning process.

One more reason why the Lifestyle Lounge is "Simply the Best".  :-)

Have fun!  We can't wait to see your videos!

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