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   Tips for Posting Events, Parties, and Forum and Group posts in general  

3/7/2012 06:23
Posted By:  - DUVALL, WA  
Date Posted: 3/7/2012 06:23

  1. If you write your text in Microsoft Word, you should use the icon with the blue W on it in the Editor's menu to paste your text (or write it in an HTML editor not a Word Processor to start with).

  2. Some people host images on services such as PhotoBucket (which is fine, but you can also host them here, we offer the same functionality via our Shared images feature). If you use an image hosting service, please be careful to copy the right "thing" to paste into your message. That "thing" y'all call a "link." That is confusing. You need the path to the image, not a link to click to see it. In Techno-speak you need the Uniform Resource Locator for the Image Source. It will have HTML code that looks like <img src= and it will not have code that looks like <a href=http://. And <img src=a href=http:// alt= kind of "thing" will never work. For the sake of the non-technical, be careful with "bucket" services, YouTube, and such because you can not post a "link" to click on. You have to post the HTML path to the picture or video. When in doubt, first paste what you think is right into you own browser and see what happens. If you see the image, you're golden.

  3. Don't be afraid to use the YouTube and Image icons in the editor above (we modified them to work here) as long as you are sure you have the correct Embed, or iFrame, or Img Src code to paste here.

  4. Think of the Preview tab as "show me what I wrote before I send it to LL" and the Preview Post button below as "show me what LL is going to do with what I wrote before they show it to the other members."  (we strip codes that might indicate malware and such).

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