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   Question about Emails from Event Promoters & Unsubscribing  

3/25/2012 11:39
Posted By:  - YORBA LINDA, CA  
Date Posted: 3/25/2012 11:39
   I have two questions...

1. Are there any restrictions on the number of emails that a promoter can send? I don't mind them every once in a while, but there are a few promoters that I get 3-4 emails a day from. It seems excessive and even more so I get all excited that my red light is blinking only to find the email isn't what I was hoping for 

2. Maybe it's just me, but I find the page where you Manage Email Subscriptions not to be very user friendly - so I have a couple of questions/suggestions.  As it is currently set-up, you have to deselect one box at a time, then the page refreshes, takes you to the top of the page, you get a popup box that says it has been removed, you click ok, then you have to start over. Is there any way to change this so that you could - a) deselect an entire state at one time or b) uncheck all boxes that you want and then submit at one time? Either of these options would greatly improve the process - at least in my opinion. 

Thanks for your help 


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