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Are you seeking Colorado Springs, Colorado swingers personal ads?
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 Originator Date Posted 

4/7/2012 15:29
Date Posted: 4/7/2012 15:29
Ok ever since I have been on this site and I have notice in the course of history that LL has been trying to make this site better and more apealling for everyone. And I am greatful they are trying there best to keep this site positive as possible.

But what I don't understand if you can see all the format on the forum message you have everything on here but lack one thing on here ( SPELL CHECK ) lot of people on here are not that good at spelling ... me included.  I rely on spell check when I am sending out mail or writing in the forum.

Can you get rid of all these fancy crap and stick with the basic things on here ???  I know I am old school but my dictionary is getting pretty worn out flipping through all the page just looking up for the right words to use.

Now before anyone being a smartass about this .... I am hard of hearing and I do have trouble hearing some sounds that I try to put into words that sound the same to me no matter how you say it.

That why spell check come in handy when I use this when I am sending or writing in the forum.

So can you please bring back the spell check ?

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