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   Photo uploads not working (usually)  

4/9/2012 02:21
Posted By:  - RANCHO SANTA MAR, CA  
Date Posted: 4/9/2012 02:21
   We're having an extremely difficult time getting photos to upload to our profile, although rarely we are successful for some reason we can't figure out.  We're using a Mac, and have tried uploading with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, but meet with identical results no matter which browser we use. 

When we upload, the uploader window typically appears and the progress bar usually gets stuck somewhere between 50-60%, no matter how large the photos are (we've tried small 500k photos and 1-2MB photos with the same result).  Sometimes the uploader window with the progress bar never appears at all and the browser tab shows the page in a "loading" state but nothing is actually going on- I've let it sit all night and the photos still will not upload.

There is no anti-virus installed, and we're not running any adblocking software either.  Nothing is different in the upload process when we are somehow able to get a photo uploaded so I can't figure out what it could be on my side.

Can you help us out?  Thank you very much.

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