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Are you seeking Cowan Heights, California swingers personal ads?
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 Originator Date Posted 

6/19/2012 20:26
Posted By:  - COWAN HEIGHTS, CA  
Date Posted: 6/19/2012 20:26
   I have a suggestion, not sure if it's possible or maybe there is an option I haven't considered...?

Party invites.  Would it be difficult to add a "maybe" option?  One that if you chose that option puts the email in a sort of read but not forgotten limbo at t he top of the inbox AND give the hosts the ability to gauge their guest list and nudge the maybes while sending updates to the confirmed.

We have tough schedules and often don't know until the week or so before whether we will be able to attend.  We of course, contact the the hosts and let them know and we also often keep in touch with them, but we have blown it, too.  :~O

Occasionally, folks send out invites early and if we leave them "unread" the light blinks continuously.  If we read it, leave it opened, the invite/email gets buried.  We have forgotten to respond when some invites have been sent out 2 months in advance, or MrShadow hasn't had a chance to check it out.

Yes.  I am a messy email inbox keeper and I should delete, but I don't and invites get buried.  I'm not proud, and yes, I'm looking for easy options to co-sign my bullshit.  ;~P

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