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 Originator Date Posted 
   Most contest Pictures are a joke.  

7/11/2012 15:03
Posted By:  - PEORIA, AZ  
Date Posted: 7/11/2012 15:03
Wanted to take a moment and put something out to all the LL peeps.  Please read what the contest is and submit a picture accordingly.  This is a Lifestyle website guys, cmon.  If the contest is 'Kink", don't post a pic of your wife holding a dildo.  Its kink, get into it a little bit.  I'm sorry but I think a guy getting bent over and pegged by his wife was a hell of a lot kinkier than the pic that won.  Not that the winner didn't have a hot picture.  It seems like the same eight or so people are ialways in the top 5.  Granted they might have a cool picture but it seems its more of a popularity contest than a focus on what the basis of the contest is.  There are some really cool pictures but some members think that they'll just post a picture of to women having sex with no concept of what the theme is.  I think there are a lot of creative people on this site, it just needs to be unleashed.  Just asking that when you vote take into consideration the theme of the contest.  Good luck to all

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