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   URGENT - sign-on issues  

10/22/2012 16:57
Posted By:  - ORANGE, CA  
Date Posted: 10/22/2012 16:57
   Not sure if this is related to the SSL discussion below, so I'm making it its' own topic:

When I try to sign on now using 'lifestylelounge.com' I get an error message, apparently related to the https and www.lifestylelounge.com vs. just 'lifestylelounge.com. I'm not the only one - I got a vanilla email from an LL friend asking if I was having the issue, too.

Not that big of a deal - I can get used to typing www.lifestylelounge.com...

BUT - when I do, if I happen to click on any of the suggested links that my history provides me (www.lifestylelounge.com/forumcategories.asp for example) - I'm brought into the site WITHOUT HAVING TO LOG IN. This, despite the fact that I have logged out before leaving the site.

I've tested this several times now - logging out before leaving the site does NOT avoid the issue. Not sure what's going on, but the thought that anyone coming to my computer can automatically get onto my account without knowing my password is a huge concern. (Well, okay, not so much me - I don't share my laptop with anyone in my household, and my laptop is password protected if I'm away from it for longer than 10 minutes; but that isn't the case for all LL users).

Please fix whatever this is ASAP. Thanks.

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