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   Online Computer Back Up Services  

11/10/2012 09:38
Posted By:  - PHOENIX, AZ  
Date Posted: 11/10/2012 09:38

OK all you smart people, need some education. Not recently we've had the problem of hard drives crashing and we've lost important data; family pictures, home budget files etc etc. This morning I noticed that my Seagate external hard drive was not responding. So I start to think that we need to maybe make the leap to one of the online services that backs up our computer(s).

Of course in that back up set is years of personal LL type pictures that we'd never want to loose. Or MORE importantly we'd never want some random cloud user to be be able to access. LOL this kind of reminds me of the old days when you had to take your film to Walgreens and worry about the clerk making an extra copy of personal pictures.

So HELP all you smart computer people. There are many services out there, some we've heard of and some we've not. So a couple of dumb questions:

1. How safe is it to load LL type pics to an online service? Yeah, nothing is ever 100% but you know what I mean.
2. If Carbonite as an example goes out of business is my data lost forever? My one big fear from going external hard to drive an online service.
3. Is there a service that offers multiple computers? We have too damn many computers in this house!
4. What else do I need to think about when backing up online or choosing an online provider?

Thanks in advance for all who can offer a point of view or personal experience. While the LL pictures are important, that first trip to DisneyLand with the kids......................priceless.

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