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Are you seeking Crystal Bay, Minnesota swingers personal ads?
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   Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays! ---- New feature! :-)  

12/24/2012 17:54
Posted By:  - CRYSTAL BAY, MN  
Date Posted: 12/24/2012 17:54
   Happy Holidays everyone!

We have been working for some weeks now, racing to complete a brand new feature so we can release it tonight.

It just went live.

It's called LL Express Mailbox.com.

Rather than explain the feature fully here.  You will see a link to the help and explanation page located within your LL mailbox.  Just click on the green "?" icon.

Or for your convenience, click here.

Just a brief description here, what we have done is assigned everyone their own LL email address formatted as YOURMEMBERNAME@LLMAILBOX.com.

You can now send emails directly to other members from the outside email address that you have registered to your LL account.

Your emails will be delivered semi-anonymously.  Which means your outside email address is never revealed to the recipient.

A copy of all of your emails sent in this fashion will also be sent to your internal LL mailbox for your records and convenience.

Enable this feature at the top of your mailbox page.

Just look for the bouncing red "new" arrow.

We hope this new feature will make it even easier for you to keep in contact with all of your hot friends.

Enjoy!  :-)

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