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   LLMAILBOX Feature  

12/25/2012 00:42
Posted By:  - SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA  
Date Posted: 12/25/2012 00:42
   Did some playing around with this puppy tonight!  Hopefully everyone gets a chance to unwrap this neat gift from LL admin - there are some really neat benefits to this new feature!  Many thanks to those who worked hard to get this to us by Christmas, what a treat!  :)

I did some testing - sharing the results below.  Some of this is really interesting and not mentioned in the short FAQ.

--- As mentioned in the FAQ, the benefits are convenience and speed.  It removes the need to log into LL to communicate to LL Members via the internal LL mail system.  Now you can simply do this from your external mail client.
--- This feature (currently) ignores the internal LL Mail (JPEG ONLY) rules for image file type.  Yes, even animated GIF files are going through and landing in the recipient's LL Mail Box (and email, if enabled) completely animated.  ;)
--- Easily send pictures directly from your phone to an LL Member.  While this functionality is already available byy using the full version of the site on your mobile device and attaching a file to the email as you normally would, this makes it a little easier and faster.

--- LLMAILBOX will only use the 1st photo attachment found in your email.  All others are dropped (without notifying you, it just drops them as if they were never there).  Just like in the site, you are limited to sending one photo attachment in a mail message.
--- The feature seems to ignore all HTML code.  Instead, it's printed it into the message as plain text.  So no fancy text formatting in these messages you're sending to _____@LLMAILBOX.COM.

--- The email address of the sender must to be linked to an LL Profile for the mail to go through.  But it does not send them back a failure to deliver message if the address fails that check.  The mail appears to go through for the sender.  But you will not get the mail in either your email inbox or your LL Mail Box.  It will simply be "lost".
--- Just the same as above, if you mistype the user name (even from a valid email that's linked to an LL Profile) the email will appear to go through and you will not receive any system generated message telling you otherwise.  But the fact is - the mail will not be delivered because it will fail the check on the recipient's email address not being linked to an existing LL Profile.  The mail will be lost..  Unless of course you misspell and it happens to be a valid LL Profile linked to your misspelled email address.  In that case, your mail message will get delivered to the wrong person.

I was wondering if this feature is somehow limited on the back end as far as "Exclusive Member" vs "Trial Member" vs "Complimentary Member".  Will a free member trying to email from their linked account be able to send out communication to other members - or will their mail messages be denied due to payment status on the site?  That would be an interesting change - being that Complimentary Members are crippled in the LL Mail system as far as what they can send and read.

Oh, and you can use the LLMAILBOX feature to mail yourself in the site - which is something you cannot do internally in LL.  This isn't good or bad.  Well ... it was good for me as far as facilitating these tests.  lol

Hope everyone has a great Christmas!

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