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   Online status not is not accurate  

1/3/2013 11:58
Posted By:  - SAN LEANDRO, CA  
Date Posted: 1/3/2013 11:58
I have been on LL for a number of years and enjoy it quite a bit.  My only beef (if you will), or question,  is the "online status".  It shows members as "online" when in fact they are not.

Now I know there are new features like the scrollling friends list and the new yellow colored names mean they have been logged on for 20 minutes or less, but the entire "Who's online" feature does not reflect a true showing of who in fact is online.

I know if you just close your browser before hitting the "Logout" button, you leave LL, but as far as LL thinks, you are still "online". 

My question is there a way to change this?  Maybe IF an account has say like 30 or 60 (or whatever) minutes of ZERO activity on the LL sitte, that members status is automatically removed from "0nline"?

Is there not a more accurate way of determining who in fact is really online?

Thank you.

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