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   Weird issue with mobile email  

1/14/2013 01:47
Posted By:  - ORANGE, CA  
Date Posted: 1/14/2013 01:47
   It's not a big deal, but might point to some glitch, so:

I just got booted off the mobile site, three times in a row, with the same message: "The page at 'http://www.lifestylelounge.com' says: Your current session has expired. Please re-login to establish a new session.

I click the 'Ok' button (the only option) and on two of the 3 occasions the same message immediately repeated a second time, and then I'm booted back to the mainsite (not the mobile) login page.

I had gone into my "Inbox" and opened the email from LL about the geolocator, to try and read it, all 3 times (on an Android phone).

I decided to see if it would happen doing other things, so I signed in and waited - all fine. Went to the blogs page - all fine. Went BACK to the inbox, and opened the geolocator email and 'boom' - booted off again.

Went back on, and read something in the Forums, no problem. Decided to read a couple of different emails, no problem. Went back and tried to read the LL email about the geofeature again, and... Yep. Out!

I'll just read it on my laptop. No worries. :)

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