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Are you seeking Danvers, Massachusetts swingers personal ads?
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   The perfect solution....  

2/7/2013 06:41
Posted By:  - DANVERS, MA  
Date Posted: 2/7/2013 06:41
   ...to block many unwanted emails and drastically reduce complaints/complainers about people bashing and complainig about complaining and bashing of certain demographics.

Maybe a feature can be added where the send email button is not activated until the profile has been read. It's called a click agreement I believe and you have to acknowledge that you have fully read and comprehend exactly what the other party is/isn't looking for. Violation of said agreement triggers a lemon to be awarded to yourself.

I think we deserve free lifetime membership for coming up with such an awesome idea! Although the reduction in forum complainers, bashers, and those rebutting the complainers and bashers would make the forums even more boring than they are now.

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