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Are you seeking Minneapolis, Minnesota swingers personal ads?
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   How is it  

2/7/2013 21:01
Posted By:  - MINNEAPOLIS, MN  
Date Posted: 2/7/2013 21:01
   that people who blocked us can still SPAM us?

An enterprising LS promoter whose handle  describes swingers in a circle and who shall remain nameless blocked us for my saluting their enterprising franchising advertising comprising optimizing exercising - well, you get the idea. The fuckers had no sense of humor about their spamming. Or my saluting. So they blocked us. Yet their spams continue.  Surely this is an oversight in the design.

Sure, some of you are thinking, block the fuckers, PUCKERS, as if they're the dreaded Single Male.

That's too easy.
But that's not why we don't do that. It's the entertainment value. And deprive us all of the knowledge that those who block us can still spam us. 

This is my happy sunshine thread for the day (and the joy I feLLt compeLLed to share.)

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