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   Help! How do I cancel my auto-renew membership to LL?  

2/9/2013 13:07
Posted By:  - CHICAGO, IL  
Date Posted: 2/9/2013 13:07
   Hi guys and gals!

I thought I'd turn to members here... I've been a member for over a year and would like to cancel my membership. I had auto-renewal on and it charged me another $100 for the next six months. Ok, fine. But when I go to "My Account" and scroll down to "Cancel Membership," each time I click it it signs me out of LL and asks me to log back in.

So I do. My computer then warns me I'm signing into an non-secure server. Then I go through the process again and it asks me for my credit card # in order to cancel my membership. Seems like a scam to me. That should be on file when I log in. I'm not going to reenter my credit card number. 

There's no number to call, no email address, LL just tells me to "contact Administration" via their LL page. I've sent them two messages that haven't even been viewed yet.

Are you basically fucked (and not in the way I wanted to get fucked on this site) once you sign up to auto-renew on LL? 

How can I cancel my membership and auto-renew???

Any help would be fantastic!



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