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   Tha Back Button  

2/27/2013 19:04
Posted By:  - SAN FRANCISCO, CA  
Date Posted: 2/27/2013 19:04
   Noticed that if you log out, then hit the back button on the browser it takes you straight back in, no login required. Notice this on mobile, iPad, and computer. Kinda scary. We're used to logging out means you can't get back in without user name and password. Sometimes we share devices with friends, and even tho we clear the history, no matter how far you move forward you can always keep hitting the back button until you end up in our LL account.

With yahoo, gmail, etc if you hit the back button after logging out, you can't get back in. Assume this is pretty standard safeguard. Is there anything that can be done on LL to address this issue? Or are we not logging out correctly?


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