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   Removing Single Males from Booty Call, sending us eMail, etc...  

5/24/2013 10:46
Posted By:  - WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA  
Date Posted: 5/24/2013 10:46

Hi everybody,

Our preference is not to play with single males (SM).  No offense, nothing against single males, in fact Mr. UTC used to be one!  :)  Just our preference (and more than a bit tired from having to delete unwanted, but mostly polite, emails).  When we went into the FAQ to find out how to remove SM's from seeing our profile we found the following guidance.

The problem is that the option "Block all single males from sending me email, and from viewing my profile and photos" isn't listed under "My Account".  Likely this info in the FAQ is old and is no longer applicable.  Does anyone know what the current process is to enable that function?

Thanks in advance!



What if I don't want to see single males on the bOOty Call feature?
Answer:  Single males are welcome on the Lifestyle Lounge, and because they are welcome, they will not be prevented from using bOOty Call. Please understand that there are many couples and females that seek single males.

However, if single males are not your preference, and you do not wish to see them on bOOty Call, that's simple. Just select the option in your profile to block single males from viewing your profile or contacting you.

Select "My Account" from the main menu, scroll down and check the option "Block all single males from sending me email, and from viewing my profile and photos", and then save your changes.

Once you do this, you will no longer see single males on bOOty Call.

Likewise, they will not see your profile in Who's Online, or in search results.

It works both ways.

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